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General Incorporated Association,
Consortium of Collaborative Activities for Local Area Revitalization

Our consortium is an alliance formed by local governments, forest cooperatives, scientists and architects who have recognized the threat faced by the forestry lands that have supported the forests of Japan, which cover 70% of its land area, throughout our country’s long history. Our differing regions collaborate, working hard to improve themselves while engaging in future-focused consortium activities.

Association Office in Osaka-city, Japan (2016.6.1-2019.3.1)

Business activities:

(1) Encouragement of inter-regional development by leveraging the special characteristics of each region through mutual cooperation and the enhancement of regional strengths.
(2) Contribution to the utilization of forestry resources possessed by participating regions.
(3) Collaboration with forest owners’ cooperatives and the local governments in which those cooperatives are located to ensure that regional forestry resources are utilized in multitude of ways.
(4) Support for the creation of new business activities by activating the diverse potential of regional small- and medium-sized local governments aiming for regional revitalization through connecting that potential to the needs of large cities.
(5) Simultaneous provision of support for the organizations and individuals participating in consortium projects while establishing new collaborative projects.
(6) Maintenance and management of collaboratively operated office space.
(7) Various human resources development and networking initiatives.
(8) Other activities related to principal objectives of the consortium and the activities listed above.


Currently partnership business organizations:

  1. Chizu Municipal Government Office and Chizu Forest Cooperative (Chizu town, Tottori Prefecture, Japan)
  2. Oguni Municipal Government Office and Oguni Forest Cooperative (Oguni town, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan)

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  • Oguni town, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan


Organization brochure

Organization name: General Incorporated Association, Consortium of Collaborative Activities for Local Area Revitalization
Date of establishment: 1 April, 2016 (Association registered in Japan: 28 April, 2018)
Association representative person: Dr. Hisaaki KATO
Office address: Kishiro 524, Toyono-town, Toyono district, Osaka-prefecture, 563-0215, Japan
Contact: E-mail: info [at] chiikisousei.jp ([a] ==> @)
TEL: +81-72-703-2661
FAX: +81-72-703-2662
Website: https://chiikisousei.jp/

(As of 2019/4/19)